Journal: Sonus

A Journal of Investigations
Into Global Musical Possibilities

"The best music journal published in the USA."


Editor in Chief: Pozzi Escot

Sonus aims to respond to the unique challenges of musical life characteristic of the last quarter of the 20th Century. Primarily, those are the challenges of music stretched out to global extremities. As is stated in one of its initial articles, music is now global in two interrelated senses:

  • "in terms of all the diverse formulations music has assumed in various cultures and epochs; and in terms of the sum total of audible phenomena -- the manifold resources of music that have become available through scientific analysis of sound and through the reproductive, analytical, and synthesizing capabilities of electronic technology."

While there exist individual journals devoted to specific fragments of global music (early music, new music, world music, musical technology) or to its separate disciplines (composition, history, pedagogy, performance, theory), there exists no forum whose mission is to deal with the sum of those fragments as a whole: that whole, unprecedented and global, that may be the overriding fact of our musical existence.

We will strive to provide a forum for all of the manifold facets of global music; to open our space to the expression of its diverse facets and disciplines; to bring about consideration of the connections between its facets and disciplines, and these as they relate to other connected fields, such as anthropology, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, as well as to the other arts.

We invite all those interested to join us as authors or as readers in realizing the potential that whole epochs and realms of human sensitivity and ingenuity have placed within our reach.

"I am delighted with the number of Sonus devoted to me and my work, which is distinguished in every respect. And I could not be more grateful for the care and intelligence of your editorial contributions."
Virgil Thomson, New York City
"SONUS is very useful and helpful to us. I marvel at your excellent work."
Prof. Zi-Lin Zhong, Central Conservatory-Beijing
"It is a fine journal and I enjoy all of the material in it."
Prof. John Bunge, Math Dept.-Cornell University
"Your journal is full of invaluable source material relevant to my own work as a composer."
Prof. Charles Ross, Reykjavik, Iceland
"I am writing to let you know how pleased and grateful I am with the SONUS devoted to my music. I read all the articles with great interest."
Gyorgy Ligeti, Hamburg,Germany
"It is an honor to be on your SONUS table of contents, especially on such a festive occasion (lOth anniversary) and with such August company."
Prof Joseph Agassi, Phil Dept.-Hebrew University-Israel
"Extraordinarily cogent."
Milton Babbitt, Princeton University
"Sufficient diversity to elude most preconceived journal categories."
Notes, Music Libraries Association
"I was delighted to receive the latest issue of SONUS, especially because of its translation of Schenker's "lhr Bild" analysis, excellent work."
Prof. Ian Bent, Columbia University
"SONUS represents today a unique contribution to the history of publications in music."
Prof. Alejandro Pulido, Director of Publications
Vicente E. Sojo Foundation, Venezuela
"I have always enjoyed SONUS for its fresh approach to musical issues. I look forward to seeing it for years to come."
Prof. Leo Kraft, Queens College-New York
"Splendid journal, it is full of news."
Prof. William Austin, Cornell University
"Very interesting journal. I love your sub-title."
Computer Music Journal (CA)
Richard Kostelanetz, New York City
"I much enjoyed your articles in the latest issue (XXII)."
Prof. David Lewin, Harvard University
"I continue to enjoy your unusual and broadly oriented journal."
Prof. John L. Clough, SUNY-Buffalo
"Many thanks for this very interesting issue of your excellent SONUS. I particularly enjoyed reading the article on Hildegard von Bingen."
Betsy Jolas, France
"I know Sonus as a leading journal in today's music theory. When I travel through USA I read it from university libraries or from friends."
Prof. Agostino Di Scipio, Italy
"Thanks for the excellent SONUS publications. It is indeed a great publication."
Cristina Capparelli, Porto Alegre University, Brazil

2005 - Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Sonus

"I am pleased my article appears in such a thought-provoking and vital issue of Sonus"
Prof. Richard Hermann, University of New Mexico

"I continue to enjoy your unusual and broadly oriented journal."
Prof. John L. Clough, SUNY-Buffalo

"Sonus is a triumph!"
Stanworth Beckler, Pacific University (CA)

"It is a very fine issue and I am happy to be a part of it. The parallel studies of the Machaut Ballade and the Zuni Dance are particularly interesting and opened up a new world for me."
Prof. Virginia Newes, Eastman School of Music

"The twenty-fifth anniversary issue looks very exciting. I am glad to know such a publication exists."
Prof. John McKinnon, E. Oregon State College

"I want to thank Sonus for a beautiful and awakening issue (XI/I)."
John Chestnut, Computer Specialist, N. Carolina

"Sonus is a fine publication."
Prof. Garrison Hull, Alexandria, VA